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Google Location Picker Widget


The Google Location Picker Widget is a control that allows a user to either enter a location via WGS84 format of latitude, longitude, and elevation, or use a Google map to pinpoint a location. That location can then be bound to other widgets or services as needed for your solution.

This widget is specific to Google Maps and may require specific licensing for use within a corporation. Other map widgets are available depending on your company's licenses.


This widget is included in the Google Widgets extension package, which must be imported.

Styles and common widget properties are not included in the table below.

Property NameDescriptionBase TypeDefault ValueBindable? (Y/N)Localizable? (Y/N)
LongitudeThe location longitude.NUMBERn/aNN
LatitudeThe location latitude.NUMBERn/aNN
ElevationThe location elevation.NUMBER0NN
UnitsThe location units.STRINGWGS84YN
LocationThe location value (longitude, latitude, elevation).LOCATIONn/aYN
ShowElevationDisplays the elevation.BOOLEANTrueNN
ShowUnitsDisplays the units.BOOLEANTrueNN
UseMapEnables location selection via Google Maps (otherwise, requires manual data entry).BOOLEANTrueNN
MapWidthThe width of the map widget.NUMBER600NN
MapHeightThe height of map widget.NUMBER400NN
TabSequenceOrder in the Tab sequence.NUMBER0NN
ResetToDefaultValueReset the values to defaults.n/an/aYN
ShowDataLoadingAllows the loading data to be visible.BOOLEANTrueNN
VisibleIs the widget visible in runtime?BOOLEANTrueNN