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Google Maps Widget


The Google Map Widget is a control that allows a user to either enter select locations or see locations of other things. It is capable of tracking a thing location history or just marking the current location. It can be used to select sites based on location (such as pick a plant) and update other components on the web page based on the selection.

This widget is specific to Google Maps and may require specific licensing for use within a corporation. Other map widgets are available depending on your company's licenses. If you do not see the specific map widget that you need, please contact us for support.


This widget is included in the GoogleWidgets extension package, which must be imported.

Styles and common widget properties are not included in the table below.

Property NameDescriptionBase TypeDefault ValueBindable? (Y/N)Localizable? (Y/N)
MapTypeThe type of map content to display (Roads, Satellite, Hybrid, or Terrain).STRINGRoadsNN
MapSkinThe look of the map (Normal, Blue, or Grey).STRINGNormalNN
ShowTrafficOption to display traffic.BOOLEANFalseYN
DataData source.INFOTABLEn/aYN
LocationFieldField that provides location information for markers/tracks.MENUNAMEn/aYN
MarkerFieldField that provides icon information for markers.MENUNAMEn/aYN
MarkerLayerFieldField that provides layer information for markers/tracks.MENUNAMEn/aYN
ShowMarkerTooltipDisplays the marker tooltips.BOOLEANTrueYN
ToolTipField1 (through ToolTipField4)Optional field to display a tooltip when the user hovers over the check box in runtime.MENUNAMEn/aYY
ToolTipLabel1 (through ToolTipLabel4)Tooltip label.STRINGn/aYY
RouteDataSource for the route data.INFOTABLEn/aYN
RouteLocationFieldThe field that provides location information for the route.MENUNAMEn/aYN
PlannedRouteDataData source for the planned route location.INFOTABLEn/aYN
PlannedRouteLocationFieldThe field that provides the location information for the planned route.MENUNAMEn/aYN
RegionDataRegion data source.INFOTABLEn/aYN
RegionLocationDataRegion Location data source.INFOTABLEn/aYN
RegionLocationFieldField that provides location information for the region.MENUNAMEn/aYN
RegionLayerFieldField that provides layer information for regions.MENUNAMEn/aNN
ShowDataLoadingAllows the loading data to be visible.BOOLEANTrueNN
ShowRegionTooltipsDisplays the region tooltips.BOOLEANFalseYN
RegionTooltipField1 (through RegionTooltipField4)Field for displaying the region tooltip.MENUNAMEn/aYN
RegionTooltipLabel1 (through RegionLabelTooltip4)Tooltip label.STRINGn/aYY
RegionFillOpacityField that provides region fill opacity.NUMBER1YN
SelectedLocationCurrently selected location.LOCATIONn/aYN
CurrentZoomCurrent map zoom level (ranges from 1–15).NUMBERn/aYN
ZoomMap zoom level (ranges from 1–15).NUMBER8YN
AutoZoomBehaviorWhen to trigger auto zoom (AutoZoom every time any data refreshes, AutoZoom only when the AutoZoom widget service is invoked, AutoZoom on data refresh, but disable AutoZoom if user manually pans or zooms, or AutoZoom on initial data only —useful if you use BoundsChanged to retrieve new data).STRINGAutoZoom every time any data refreshes.NN
ClusterLocationsCombines multiple location markers that are near one another into a single marker. If there are a lot of location markers, this option will improve the performance of the widget.BOOLEANFalseNN
ShowMarkersDisplay map markers.BOOLEANTrueYN
ShowPathBetweenMarkersDisplay the path between markers.BOOLEANFalseYN
ShowStartMarkerDisplay a special marker for the first map data point.BOOLEANTrueYN
ShowEndMarkerDisplay a special marker for the last map data point.BOOLEANTrueYN
ShowRouteDisplay the route.BOOLEANFalseYN
ShowPlannedRouteDisplay the planned route.BOOLEANFalseYN
ShowRegionsDisplay the regions.BOOLEANFalseYN
EnableLocationSelectionEnable location selection mode.BOOLEANFalseYN
ShowSelectionMarkerDisplay the current selection marker.BOOLEANFalseYN
EnableSelectionMarkerEnable the marker selection mode.BOOLEANTrueYN
EnableRegionSelectionEnable the region selection modeBOOLEANFalseYN
MultiSelectEnable multiple marker selection.BOOLEANFalseNN
RegionMultiSelectEnable multiple region selection.BOOLEANFalseNN
TooltipMashupNameTooltip mashup name.MASHUPNAMEn/aYN
TooltipMashupWidthWidth of the mashup tooltip.NUMBER400NN
TooltipMashupHeightHeight of the mashup tooltip.NUMBER300NN
NEBoundryThe northeast boundary location-longitude, latitude, elevation, and units in WGS84.LOCATIONYN
NWBoundryThe northwest boundary location-longitude, latitude, elevation, and units in WGS84.LOCATIONYN
SEBoundryThe southeast boundary location-longitude, latitude, elevation, and units in WGS84.LOCATIONYN
SWBoundryThe southwest boundary location-longitude, latitude, elevation, and units in WGS84.LOCATIONYN
ShowDataLoadingDisplay the data while it loads.BOOLEANTrueNN
DoubleClickedEvent. Triggered when the widget is double clicked.n/an/aYN
BoundsChangedEvent. Triggered when the bounds change.n/an/aYN
AutoZoomService. AutoZoom.n/an/aYN
VisibleIs the widget visible in runtime?BOOLEANTrueNN


3.1.7 (2023-27-01)

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue that caused tooltip mashup properties to be displayed without name and become unusable.

3.1.6 (2021-10-01)

Bug Fixes

  • Resolves an issue that caused location selection to not work through regions when region selection was disabled.

3.1.5 (2021-08-01)


  • Addded more options for configuring clustering:
    • ClustersClickToZoom: Whether to zoom the map when a cluster marker is clicked
    • ClustersAverageCenter: Whether the position of a cluster marker should be the average position of all markers in the cluster.
    • ClustersMaxZoomLevel: The maximum zoom level at which clustering is enabled. The default value is 20, which enables clusters at all zoom levels.