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IQNOX Widget Pack for ThingWorx

License info

History of Package

The IQNOX team has logged thousands of hours in ThingWorx and have built a remarkable amount of mashups for clients. Over time the IQNOX team started exploring the creation of custom widgets, capable of having visual themes applied to them, to help with current project obstacles. Once prototypes were built, the IQNOX team saw an immediate impact to their workflow. Configuring each widget was simplified, overall widget loading time was reduced and all styling changes were now visible in real-time.

Reasons for Widget Creation

  • Reduction of loading times.
  • Workflow simplification.
  • Introduction of helpful design features.

Glossary of Terms


  • Data visualization tool used for constructing mashups in ThingWorx.


  • The pop-up tool found in the mashup builder where the widget templates are configured, managed, and applied to any selected IQNOX widget.


  • A set of visual and behavior settings, defined through the Configurator, that affect a widget.
  • Can be saved and can be reused in other widget instances.

Template Store

  • The TemplateStore is the entity in which any templates you create using the IQNOX configurator will be stored. Having multiple TemplateStores can be helpful if you have multiple projects with differing styles or if you have a single project that needs to dynamically change styles at runtime.