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Bar Chart Widget

A Bar chart widget based on the g2plot library.


Allows displaying of category data with one or more series (bars) on the y axis. The value in XAxisField must be a unique string or number. The XAxisFormat can be used to format the way the category is displayed on the chart.


TemplateSTRING<Template1This will be the template used for the widget styling.
BarHoverStyle(1)STRINGnormalThis is used to set the way individual bars react on hover or select.
Orientation(2)STRINGVerticalThis will set the orientation of the Bar Chart.
DataGrouping(3)STRING<noneThis will set the way same category values will be grouped.
ReflectXAxisBOOLEANfalseInvert Bars along X Axis.
ReflectYAxisBOOLEANfalseInvert Bars along Y Axis.
DataINFOTABLE<Chart data source.
XAxisFieldFIELDNAMEName of the column in the Data infotable containing the values of the X axis.
YAxisFieldsSTRING<A comma separated string representing the name of the data fields corresponding to the graph in the y direction, usually the fields corresponding to the vertical coordinate axis.
XAxisFormatSTRING(localized)Localizable token in order to format the values of the X axis. See Format Complex .
YAxisFormatSTRING(localized)Localizable token in order to format the values of the Y axis label. (It will not format the values displayed in the tooltip, see YAxisFormats for that)
TooltipFormatsSTRING(localized)<Localizable tokens specified in a CSV format in order to format the values of the Y axis that are displayed on the chart's tooltip.
CategoryLabelsSTRING(localized)<A comma separated string representing the user facing names of the fields in YAxisFields. The items should be in the same order.
XAxisTitleSTRING(localized)<Localizable token for X Axis Title.
YAxisTitleSTRING(localized)<Localizable token for y Axis Title.

Additional explanations

YAxisFields and TooltipFormats
As described above, the YAxisFields is a comma separated string representing the name of the y axis data fields and the TooltipFormats is a comma separated string representing the localization tokens to format the YAxisFields in the order they were introduced (if we have YAxisFields: a, b, c and TooltipFormats: [[f1]], [[f2]], [[f3]], [[f1]] will format field a, [[f2]] will format field b, and [[f3]] will format field c.

(1) BarHoverStyle can have the following values:Inactive, Normal, Bar Outline Hover, Multiselect

(2) Orientation can have the following values:Horizontal, Vertical

(3) DataGrouping can have the following values:None, Grouped, Stacked