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Checkbox Widget

The IQNOX Checkbox is a simple widget that shows a checkbox that can be ticked by a user.



CustomClassSTRING<>Enables you to define an html class to the top div of the widget. Multiple classes can be entered, separated by space
TemplateLIST<Template1The widget template to use for this widget
StateBOOLEAN<>FALSEWhen selected, the checkbox will show as selected and output TRUE.
IndeterminateBOOLEAN<FALSEIndicates that the state is indeterminate. Neither Checked or Unchecked.
DisabledBOOLEAN<FALSEDisables the checkbox so it can't be clicked to change its state
LabelSTRING(localized)<LabelThe text that is displayed above the input/textarea
TabSequenceINTEGER0Specifies the tab order of an element (when the "tab" button is used for navigating)
ShowHelpIconBOOLEAN<FALSEWill enable a customizable icon on the right of the label, the icon will show the tooltip on hover for more documentation
HelpIconSTRING<Icon to be displayed on the right of the label when ShowHelpIcon is enabled.
TooltipSTRING(localized)<Optional tooltip used to display additional information. See Tooltip
TooltipAnchorSTRINGWidgetIf the tooltip should appear next to the Widget, or next to the cursor.
ToolTipFormatSTRING(localized)<see Format Complex
TooltipTypeLIST<TextThe widget tooltip type
TooltipMashupMASHUPNAME<Mashup to be used as a tooltip when TooltipType is set as Mashup
TooltipWidthNUMBERWidth of the tooltip. It won't be bigger than the Max-width set in the GlobalStyles for the Tooltip
TooltipHeightNUMBERHeight of the tooltip. Can only be set if TooltipType is set as HTML, Markdown or Mashup


checkbox states


ResetValueSERVICE<Resets the State to its default value


ValueChangedEVENT>Triggers an event when the state is changed