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Gauge Widget

A simple customizable gauge widget used to dynamically display data.


DurationNUMBER5000Enables you to set the gauge animation time in ms.
TemplateLIST<Template1This will be the template used for the widget styling
ValueNumber<0Value to show in the gauge
FormatSTRING(localized)<Format how the value will be displayed on the gauge. See Format Complex
TitleSTRING(localized)<Title that will be displayed on the gauge.
Sections1STRING<Allows to split gauge disk in sections. See instructions below
MinValueNUMBER<0Minimum value of the gauge
MaxValueNUMBER<100Maximum value of the gauge
TooltipSTRING(localized)<Optional tooltip used to display additional information. See Tooltip
TooltipAnchorSTRINGWidgetIf the tooltip should appear next to the Widget, or next to the cursor.
TooltipFormatSTRING(localized)<see Format Complex
TooltipTypeLIST<TextThe widget tooltip type
TooltipMashupMASHUPNAME<Mashup to be used as a tooltip when TooltipType is set as Mashup
TooltipWidthNUMBERWidth of the tooltip. It won't be bigger than the Max-width set in the GlobalStyles for the Tooltip
TooltipHeightNUMBERHeight of the tooltip. Can only be set if TooltipType is set as HTML, Markdown or Mashup


  1. The input value must be in CSV format: "10,25,50,75" : The disk will be split in five sections -> [0-10, 10-25, 25-50, 50-75, 75-100]