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Input Widget

The IQNOX Input widget is a heavily optimized replacement for the Text Box, Numeric Entry and Text Area widget.



PropertyTypeBindingDefault value
LabelSTRING(localized)<The text that is displayed above the input/textarea.
SecondaryLabelSTRING(localized)<Type of the input that will be passed to the widget.
InputType1SELECTTextOptions: Text, Text Area, Number, Email, Password, Search, Telephone Password.
Valuedepending on InputType<>The value that will be entered in the widget.
PlaceholderSTRING(localized)<Specifies a hint that describes the expected value of an input field.
ReadOnlyBOOLEAN<FALSEEnables/Disables the textbox, making it read only.
InvalidBOOLEAN<>FALSEShows invalid style with a warning icon at the end of the input.
InvalidTooltipMessageSTRING(localized)<Shows this message when hovering over the input while it's valid. Use this to describe why the input is invalid.
TabSequenceINTEGER0Specifies the tab order of an element (when the "tab" button is used for navigating).
TriggerValueChangedImmediatelyBOOLEANTRUEIf enabled, the ValueChanged event will be triggered after the last key was pressed based on the DebounceTime.
DebounceTime2INTEGER300Time in milliseconds from last key pressed to triggering the ValueChanged event.
CustomClassSTRING<>Enables you to define an HTML class to the top div of the widget. Multiple classes can be separated by a space.
Pattern3STRINGSpecifies a regular expression that the value should match. If the value does not match, the input will become invalid. Specify a tooltip message to describe why the input is invalid.
ShowSecondaryLabelBOOLEAN<Flag property which decides whether or not to show the Secondary Label.
TemplateLISTTemplate 1The widget template to use for this widget
ShowHelpIconBOOLEAN<FALSEWill enable a customizable icon on the right of the label, the icon will show the tooltip on hover for more documentation
HelpIconSTRING<Icon to be displayed on the right of the label when ShowHelpIcon is enabled.
TooltipSTRING(localized)<Optional tooltip used to display additional information. This tooltip can be styled globally from GlobalStyles. The InvalidTooltipMessage property is used when the input is invalid.
TooltipTypeLIST<TextThe widget tooltip type
TooltipMashupMASHUPNAME<Mashup to be used as a tooltip when TooltipType is set as Mashup
TooltipWidthNUMBERWidth of the tooltip. It won't be bigger than the Max-width set in the GlobalStyles for the Tooltip
TooltipHeightNUMBERHeight of the tooltip. Can only be set if TooltipType is set as HTML, Markdown or Mashup
MinValue4INTEGER<Minimum value of the number that this input can contain
MaxValue4INTEGER<Maximum value of the number that this input can contain
Step4INTEGER<Granularity of the numeric value entered in the input
PreventInvalidCharacters5BOOLEANFALSEBlocks the typing of invalid characters that do not match the rules defined by MinValue, MaxValue , Step or Pattern properties


ResetValueSERVICE<Resets the Value of the widget to default
BlurSERVICE<Removes the focus from the element
FocusSERVICE<Forces the focus on the widget, allowing it to receive keyboard inputs


ValueChangedEVENT>Triggers an event when the value of the widget is changed
EnterKeyPressedEVENT>Triggered when the user presses the enter key

  1. InputType Options:

    • Text
    • Text Area - doesn't have Type SELECT and is always Value STRING
    • Number
    • Password
    • Telephone
    • Email
    • Search

  2. DebounceTime is only available if TriggerValueChanged is TRUE, else ValueChanged is trigger on defocus/enter key pressed.

  3. Pattern is available only if the user selects from the InputType the following values: Password, Search, Email, Text, Telephone.

  4. MinValue, MaxValue properties are available only when the user selects the Number property from the InputType.

  5. PreventInvalidCharacters: Depends on the values in Pattern, for string inputs, or MinValue, MaxValue and Step for numeric inputs. Blocks the typing of invalid characters. If the Step property is set to 0.01 and PreventInvalidCharacters is true, the input won't accept more than 2 decimals.