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Label Widget

A lightweight re-implementation of the classic ThingWorx Label widget.



CustomClassSTRING<>Enables you to define an html class to the top div of the widget. Multiple classes can be entered, separated by space
TemplateLIST<Template 1This will be the template used for the widget styling
TextANY(localized)<LabelText to be used
FormatSTRING(localized)<see Format Complex
TooltipSTRING(localized)<Optional tooltip used to display additional information. Will be set as a title="" in the widget and styling based on browser used.
EllipsisBOOLEANFALSEIf ellipsis is TRUE the text doesn't fit within the label, it will truncate with ... at the end of the line and the text will be forced on one line and it will ellipsis at the end of the available space
IconURISTRING<FALSEURI describing the icon that's going to be used. Either a HTTP link or a reference to an icon in an icon font can be used.