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Pie Chart Widget

A Pie chart widget based on the g2plot library. Can be changed to a Donut Chart from the Configurator.


Allows displaying of category data with Value. The value in LabelField must be a unique string or number. The values can be used to formatted in the Configurator.

DataINFOTABLE<Infotable with a column for Label and a column for Value to be displayed on the chart.
LabelFieldFIELDNAME<Name of the column in the Data infotable specifying the label data.
ValueFieldFIELDNAME<Name of the column in the Data infotable specifying the value data.
DonutInnerLabelSTRING(localized)<Name of the inside label of a donut pie chart.
EnableSelectionBOOLEANfalseAllows the user to select one of the pie/donut parts, which would represent the selected row. The user should also be able to click again to deselect.
DoubleClickEVENT>Triggered when the widget is double clicked .